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One Last Try – A Relationship Retreat

Before you divorce, think hard about your future and your family. Divorce is a big decision. It affects the rest of your life. Maybe you should give your marriage one last try.If you once loved each other, there may still be hope – no matter how hurt or angry you feel now. If divorce seems like the only option, call Jeffrey Cohen. Give it one last, intensive try. Couple intensives are specifically designed for relationships in serious trouble. I match your serious, major, big-deal problem with a serious, major, big-deal commitment of time and energy toward solving your problems. For one or two whole days, you commit yourselves entirely to working on your relationship. You spend the entire day working to understand what’s gone wrong, whether it can be fixed, and what it would take to fix it.

With Jeffrey’s help, you’ll explore the problems you’ve been having. You’ll have as much time as you need to explain your situation. He’ll help sort out what’s been going wrong. Where have you each made mistakes? Where have you gone wrong together? Have you gotten into a vicious cycle? He’ll help figure out whether you two can make things right again. What would you each have to change? Are you each ready, willing, and able to make these changes? What needs to change first?

If you are willing to do what it takes, Jeffrey Cohen will guide you through the changes needed for a loving, respectful, and happy marriage.

Get The Experienced Help You Need With A Relationship Intensive

An intensive is one or two full days of couples therapy where you and your partner meet privately with Jeffrey. You will not be in a group. It’s just the two of you and him. In this powerful therapy, many couples discover greater understanding, greater willingness to work together, renewed commitment, and renewed love.

An intensive is:

  • The best help for relationships in serious trouble
  • The fastest help for couples at a decision point
  • The surest way to find out what needs to change
  • The clearest way to find out whether you can save your relationship.

A marriage intensive works well for people who are deciding whether to divorce. It’s much faster than months and months of weekly appointments. In a marriage intensive, you get away from the distractions of work, family, and chores. You’ll have enough time to be heard fully and understood. You’ll get to the root of the issues in a very short time. You’ll get a clear picture about what it would take to be happy together.

A marriage intensive is recommended for couples dealing with:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Anger or verbal abuse
  • Affairs or betrayal
  • Self-centeredness or narcissism
  • Control issues or power struggles
  • Withdrawal or isolation
  • Lack of intimacy or sexuality
  • Parenting or family conflicts
  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Communication breakdown

A Marriage Retreat With The Most Effective Therapy

Jeffrey Cohen is committed to providing you with the most effective couples therapy possible. He has spent years studying the most well-respected relationship experts. His extensive experience helps him quickly select the therapy methods that will work best for you. You’ll begin with an extensive, scientific assessment of your relationship. This gives you valuable insights and specific solutions – right from the start. You’ll learn exactly what’s gone wrong – and what it will take to make things right. After years of working with couples, there’s practically no issue Jeffrey hasn’t heard before and helped resolve. You’ll find him intelligent, warm, honest, straightforward, and kind.

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